Tuesday, March 11, 2008


 I've been done with school for a couple years. I graduated in 2005 with no intentions of ever going back. But then again I never had any idea I would be working in TV either...and here I am. So last week was my first long week of classes. We're talking mon-fri; 9-5 baby! It's only meant for the strong. :) That's what I told myself to get through it. In and of itself it was a great class. I learned a lot. I have no idea what the purpose of this knowledge is for but for some reason God wants me here.  Could it be to meet a man??!! Not likely but if that is my story I will not turn it down. I'm feeling the need for a little motivation considering the fact that I feel like I am completely back to square one in life. I was in school for 25 years straight and now I'm back after only a short time. I don't know if this blog stuff is good...too much confession :)


David G. said...

Keep confessing MR!! Your awesome!! :-)

Sarah said...

I agree with David! Modular week is for the strong...and you are AMAZINGLY strong! love ya!

Jules said...

I like your true confessions. Maybe you are there to meet an amazing godly man...this statement of yours coule be prophetic! After all I have known the Holy Spirit to flow through you in that way MANY times before- can't wait to meet him!