Wednesday, November 12, 2008


So it has been a while.. The thing is the stuff I write about just ends up being deep. Not on purpose. I just don't have kids to tell funny stories about! But for the sake of the blog and the friends who ask me about it (you know who you are :) here ya go. 

At the moment life is pretty quiet. I am still plugging away at CBN as a producer. Recently, I had the opportunity to go to Alabama and visit a ministry called the Basement. It rocked me because I have been asking the Lord for years to do what they are doing. I was so blessed to see that God is moving in my generation. At the same time it made me want to drop everything and go be a part of it. It re-surfaced all my questions of purpose and destiny. None of which I have any answers for. I know that we are able to step out and do things but I just don't feel like I know what that is yet. I know the question is always evolving but I am hoping He will bring some answers soon. I feel as if I am in a perpetual state of limbo. So there ya go.. my deep blog. 

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Melanie Bedogne said...

Yeah! You blogged! Welcome back, and btw, I like your deep thoughts. :) God is working, my friend.