Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Wild Goose Chase

I've been reading this book called, "Wild Goose Chase," by Mark Batterson. I picked it up from my bro-in-laws office because it looked interesting. My time in Minnesota ended too fast and I never got a chance to read it. I was going to leave it behind but he told me to take it because it just might be what i need to read at just the right time. Boy was he right!! And I'm not even done with the book yet! Here are just a few of Mark Batterson's quotes that have resonated with me...

"Jesus didn't die to make us safe. He died to make us dangerous...when was the last time you asked Him to make you dangerous?"

"The soul lives by that which it loves." ~St John of the Cross

"When it comes to doing the will of God, God-ordained passions are far more important than any human qualification we can bring to the table."

"What passion of mine is God asking me to take responsibility for?"

"You never know how God ordained desires will be conceived."

"We take constants for granted and God is the ultimate constant."

"In fact, spiritual maturity has less to do with long-range visions than it does with moment-by-moment sensitivity to the promptings of the Holy Spirit."

"The only way to discover a new identity is to lay down an old one." Ex- moses laying down his staff at the burning bush. 

"Logic questions God. Faith questions assumptions. And at the end of the day, faith is trusting God more than you trust your own assumptions." 

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created to create said...

that is some good stuff, im gonna have to get myself a copy of that book...those quotes left me saying "mmmmmmmmm" love you girl