Monday, February 2, 2009

A miracle is about to be born...

I am about to be an Aunt! Well, i am an aunt already to many dear friends! But my first biological niece is about to come into the picture! I can't tell you how excited i am. What a journey it has been for our family. I know Sarah and Sam have borne the difficulty personally but because we love them, we have as well. I will never forget when my mom came and told me that Pastor Alfred had prophesied over Sarah that she would have a baby within a year! After so many disappointments my spirit jumped within me. I instantly started crying because I knew that she would indeed have a baby. So here we are nine months later and we all are getting ready to welcome this child into the world! I'm not sure why there has been so much pain and delay in the promise. But I am so excited that God is a God of hope. Therein lies my peace. Hold onto to the promises of God for your life. He has not forgotten. Sarah and Sam went through 3 miscarriages and have been married 5 years. I myself am waiting on God to move in my own life. But there is a quote that encourages me. I'm not sure who it is by.. "All that I see teaches me to trust in all that I don't and is yet to come." HOLD ON...He who began a good work in you will complete it!! 

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